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Welcome to Easy Living in Thailand…

If this is your first visit to Easy Living in Thailand, then what we’d suggest is running your mouse over the ‘Start Here‘ menu item (above) and then familiarising yourself with what we’ve got here…

Things like learning a little about Thailand’s culture, language, or history? Then Thailand Information is a good place to start. We’re adding to it in due course, but we’ve got information on the Thai language, understanding Thai culture, dos and don’ts (very important!), Thai cuisine, and much more.

It’s Easy Living in Thailand – Just Get Out and About

If you’re at the Planning a Trip stage then we’ve a section on that as well.

Then there’s On Arrival, for things like getting to your destination, be it a hotel, guesthouse, or even onward travel.

Then we’ve a section on Out and About, which will be packed with useful information to help you get the most out of your stay in the Kingdom.

Or course, if you’re just interested in seeing some of the attractions, then we’ve got recommended packages for you (depending upon your length of stay); or, you might just want to browse some of the more popular attractions (click here to view the ‘map’).

Easy Living in Thailand - map overview (click on map in the menu bar to see more)

Want to Learn to Speak, Read and Write Thai?

If you’re planning on spending some time over here, then it’ll improve your stay dramatically if you learn a bit of the language. We’ve got you covered in our Learn Thai section too.

If you’re just trying to find a resource to help you, then please bookmark this page and check back later. We’re constantly adding to the site and will have lots of new learning resources and courses planned.

Looking for Love?

If you’re looking for your soulmate and think hope that she’s Thai, then maybe we can help you here too. Please check out our love and romance page.

As you can see, our site is packed with the information you need to get the best out of your time in the Land of Smiles…

Easy living is what you desire and Easy Living in Thailand is what you get!

We hope you like our site. Please let us know in the comments below.


Russ & Duangta

p.s. Oh yes, don’t forget to try out our fun stuff:

Try Out The Learn Thai Alphabet app
Click here to try out the Learn Thai Numbers app
Click to try out our quick game to help test your simple verb knowledge (beginners)

Note: these are fun, interactive maps; so they might take a few seconds to load (depending on your Internet connection speed).

We hope you see that Easy Living in Thailand is within your reach, as well as simple and easy to do.

Enjoy your trip! 😀

Sà-wà-dii kráp